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Group coachinG options:

4 Week Group Coaching Program: A 4 week program designed to help you to become a better version of YOU! Do you understand the power of affirmations, prayer, and shifting your mindset? It takes commitment and dedication. Now you have added support to help challenge you and keep you going, so that you can push through mental blocks and patterns that keep you in a constant state of negativity, poverty, or experiencing loss or lack in any area of your life. This program comes with a workbook that you can download, print, and write in. Investment: $97

3 Month Group Coaching Program: Led-Better

6 Month Leadership Academy: Led-Better The Leadership Edition: (completion of 3 month group coaching program or 1:1 coaching required to join)

1:1 Individual Coaching:

If you are ready to put in the work and dive deeper than what the group coaching programs allow, this option is for you. Each individual coaching package will be individually tailored, as each person has a different journey and path to take. You have the option of a 4 Hour VIP Session or divide that into 4 one hour sessions over 4 weeks. Investment: $1997 *A consultation is required to book this service

Accountability and Support

Led-Better Accountability Mastermind: Monthly membership for women already in business or starting a business. We meet live once a month but have a group message thread for daily support and check-in’s. This is not your average accountability group; there will be opportunities for coaching by yours truly, training opportunities from other guru’s across various industries, monthly challenges, giveaways and MORE! Investment: $47/ Month

Group Coaching allows us to form a community with each other!

Group Coaching allows us to form a community with each other!

Idea Generation - Collaborative Thinking Relieves Stress!

Idea Generation - Collaborative Thinking Relieves Stress!


Collaborative Thinking Partner

Idea generator for creatives

One thing I have discovered is my love for helping others think through their ideas. Sometimes we can tend to overthink things, or you simply may not be one that is good with coming up with names for projects or programs.

That is where I come in as an “Idea Generator”. I can help you think through an idea you are unsure of but need a different perspective, come up with language for difficult conversations, and even help you to name your next program! Investment: $27 *A consultation and complete questionnaire is required prior to the Idea Generator session.




I am available for speaking opportunities at churches, events, conferences both live and virtual.  I have been speaking since 2014, however I am focusing more time on speaking life into others and sharing my story.  

I am able to speak on different topics including:

  • Healing from toxic relationships and finding the courage to move on.

  • Rebuilding and starting over after loss.

  • Overcoming the need to put others before yourself - self-care.

  • Self reinvention.

  • Building confidence in God and yourself.

For booking, please contact us at

Past and upcoming speaking engagements:

  • NC Rejoice Expo - March 2018 - Burlington, NC -Topic: Rejoicing during the storm

  • Mom's Day Out - May 2018 - Greensboro, NC - Topic: Saying Yes to yourself

  • Reclaim Your Crown - May 2018 - Telesummit - Topic: Reclaiming your Crown and Reigning!

  • The Belle Ball and Shop Event - June 2018 - Burlington, NC - Topic: What I learned from Belle

  • 2nd annual Walking on the Water Expo - July 2018 - Wilmington, NC

  • The Beauty and the Beast: Boss in Heels - February 2019 - Greensboro, NC

  • Promise Seekers Conference - The Echo Effect - April 2019 - Spartanburg, SC

LaTasha Ledbetter speaking at the NC Rejoice Expo in Burlington, NC on March 24th, 2018

LaTasha Ledbetter speaking at the NC Rejoice Expo in Burlington, NC on March 24th, 2018